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Critically acclaimed début album by Heavy psychedelic folk progsters Crumbling Ghost.

Crumbling Ghost by Crumbling Ghost

'You know those times you have every now an then when everything you listen to seems uninspired, new albums you find just don’t grab you and your old collection has lost its punch from over-listening?... I listened to this debut self-titled from Crumbling Ghost and that mood is gone, I have re-found the brilliance of music on speakers at home.' - Opinionated Irrelevance

'Their eponymous debut is a wonderfully eclectic mix of folk, stoner, jam, and progressive elements. As you can imagine, the result is hard to describe without the listener’s ear-balls, but I can assure you that Crumbling Ghost has prepared a near masterpiece with all of these ideas.' - Sonic Escapes

'This is as rich an album as has been heard in the last forty years from a UK band, a quirky and quixotic ride through a broad and varied musical past.' - The Ripple Effect

'...have the balance exactly right between folk rock, eastern influences and the lighter touches of Electric Wizard.' - Classic Rock Presents PROG

'Unique is a word that is often overused in the world of music journalism, as a lazy, throwaway description; however, Crumbling Ghost’s gem of a debut is just that' Chybucca Sounds